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Pro Plus U Vision




***Special Pricing on all PRO PLUS U Vision Systems***Call for Details - 815.232.3093 ***

The NUPIXX Pro Plus U Vision Camera is our #1 Seller! 

Our NUPIXX Pro Plus U Vision Systems are favored by the price conscious consumers who enjoy quality and reliable products. Our Pro Plus U cameras provide added benefits over our Eco U camera.  These cameras are FULLY repairable and offer the ability to customize the viewing area by replacing the internal lens. We also offer a heavy-duty 360/180 Swivel 160 lb direct pull magnet mount.(As Shown Above) Our Pro Plus U camera features a 2 year warranty.

We started from the ground up, with a camera encased in a cast aluminum housing with pliable rubber O-rings to ensure ultimate weatherproofing; to the Sony Super HAD 1/3 inch 700 line resolution CCD image sensor.

To improve the best night vision in the industry, our 20 LED camera gives you an illuminated view up to 60 ft away without any partial dot center hot spots, that you will see in virtually all IR camera systems available.  The screen shows full screen during night vision use, NO HALO EFFECT!

Our exclusive 160 lb direct pull magnet with a 360/180 degree swivel offers the strongest mount/magnet system available plus the advantage to mount the camera to any metal surface at any angle. You can mount the camera where you need it, not limited to a horizontal or vertical surface as all other U bracket style mounts.  Camera shown above is with the optional 360/180 swivel magnet mount.  

We also have 8 focal length lens choices that allow you to fine tune your specific view for more permanent mount systems.

Easy two wire (12 volt and ground) hookup. The camera cable carries all power and video which eases the installation process immensely. You can use up to 4 cameras depending on monitor chosen with no extra processor boxes.

Resolution: 700 TVL     Image Sensor: Sony Super HAD CCD 1/3"     Mount Style: Standard U Mount (Optional Mounts Available: 80 lb. Pull Magnet Mount - $39.95 or 360/180 degree Swivel & Tilt Magnet Mount 160 Lb. Pull - $79.95)    Lens: 3.6 Split Glass     Custom Lenses Available: 2.9mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm   Housing Weatherproof: Temporarily Submergible     IR: 20 LED    Warranty: 2 Year     Fully Repairable: Yes 

All Systems Below Include A Pro Plus U Camera with U Mount Bracket and Standard 60 Ft. Cable