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Commercial Uses Products

We have many products for you to use in your commercial environment.  Customer Annunciation systems such as our Wireless Sensor or Door Transmitter are great for alerting you as to when a customer walks through that door.  Do you have an area that is "off limits" to employees?  These systems work great for that too!  Stores, Office Areas, Drive Up Window - you name it - it will work!

Does your business have customers that stop by after hours - maybe to drop off payments or place their keys in a drop off for service of their vehicle?  Make sure that the area is well lit with our Motion Activated LED Lights.  They detect motion and can light up the area so customers can see.  These lights are solar powered so no need for running wires.  Keep your customers safe!

Do you have a fleet of vehicles in your business?  Do you let employees use a company car for business?  Keep track of your vehicle at all times with a GPS Vehicle Tracker.  Install in seconds in the vehicle OBD port and has the ability to give you on demand location of your vehicle.  Get email alerts if the vehicle goes out of a certain zone or reaches high speeds.  Also a great investment for new drivers!  Low monthly plans are available.