IP Cameras

Jansen Electronics is the local leader among IP Camera Security Solutions.

Nupixx Brand cameras are manufactured for Jansen Electronics, giving you high quality images and reliability.

We offer the best security options with the latest technology and proven equipment.

You and your staff will be trained on all software equipment, so you will be comfortable with your security system.  Stop in to get a hands on look at different systems!

View your cameras from anywhere with remote viewing access.

3_Storefront_ED.jpg       South2.jpg

                 Night Shot - Store Front                                           Day Shot - Store Entrance


2_-_Lot_3mp_2.8mm_lens_mini_dome_ED.bmp       NISC_Wireless_2.jpg

                     3 MP Dome Camera                                             Multiple Cameras


                              2 MP Armor Dome 


                                5 MP Fish Eye