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Outdoor Cameras

Do you need a camera to see who just pulled in the driveway or to see who is knocking at the front door?

We have that! 

Do you have a wired internet connection?  Does your router have an open port?  Do you have a Smartphone?


Then you can have a Wireless Security Camera System for your home or office!

The camera is wireless and can be placed outdoors.  The batteries are rechargeable and last for 4-6 months (depending on activity usage).  Your Wireless Security Camera System is configured for you, with your specifications!  Get instant alerts right to your phone.  Check on your house from anywhere with cell phone or wifi access.  Ask the delivery driver to leave your package at the front door - you can do all this and more!  The app is free to download and there are no additional charges for video storage or to download a video. 

Call now to get more information and we can get started on building your Wireless Security Camera System.