Digital Sensors



Tired of eratic operation of the lower cost sensors mounted at fringe distances of their range limits?

Our Xtralert 900 Mhz digital signal transmission assures maximum communication reliability between the security sensor and receiver. All other wireless security sensors, use analog signal transmission with no supervision. When you receive that occasional missed trigger from analog units or erratic operation, the majority of the time it is a result of weak signal isssues more than a fault with the sensor itself.

Now, with DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, you can receive wireless transmission up to a mile away! 


In simple terms - unsurpassed reliability. Digital Technology is a "true" commercial grade security system. With digital tecnology, the security sensor "checks in" silently with the receiver every four hours. If the receiver does not "hear" a check in from the security sensor, you will see a red "No Signal" led light on the receiver. This gives you a visual confirmation of poor wireless signal. You don't have to worry about constantly changing batteries, average battery life is years, not months.  Your digital receiver also has a low battery indicator to notify you when it is time to change your battery, along with, a tamper light. The tamper light is triggered in the event that someone would try to disable or remove the cover off the security sensor.

Digitally supervised security sensors make a great addition as:

Driveway alarms, perimeter security sensors, entry/exit access monitors, commercial security, residential security, outbuildings, etc. Our Xtralert Digital security sensors are great for any application in which positive detection is needed.