Perimeter Detection


Xtralert perimeter detection units offer a higher level of residential and commerical security.


Motion Activated Solar Powered Perimeter System

Never worry about changing batteries.  The sun powers your wireless sensors, no dead batteries leaving you unprotected.

4 zones offer a different choice of chime for each set of sensors.

Each of the 4 zones can accomadate up to 32 pairs of sensors.

4 relay outputs to trigger accessories such as sires or lights.

Multiple beams offer true detection, no more false alarms.

Xtralert Motion Activated Solar Powered Perimeter System is offered in packeges of 1 pair of sensors, 2 pairs of sensors or 4 pairs of sensors, you can add sensors as you need them.


Single Beam Motion Detection Perimeter System

3 Different Chime Zones tell you exactly were motion took place.

9 Volt Batteries last for 2-3 years.

Choose from two different beam patterns.

Add up to 9 sensors per receiver.

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