Ag Equipment Vision

Tough reliable NUPIXX vision systems can aid in many uses around the farm or work sight; such as heavy use farm equipment, railroad maintenance, logging industry, and heavy excavation equipment. NUPIXX vision systems keep safety in mind, avoiding even one mishap of backing up into something or someone, causing personal injury or even death, plus equipment damage to your or someone elses machinery, is at the forefront of our easy to use vision systems. It doesn’t take long to add up cost savings of potential threats or insurance claims and downtime of equipment. Jansen Electronics full line of Ag based heavy-duty cameras offer many advantages over other systems available. Established in 1964, we are veteran in the electronics industry of design, manufacturing, distribution, and service. 

Some of the many exclusive advantages offered by our rugged high quality vision systems.  

  • Industry leading 360/180 all metal-swivel mount that allows any mounting angle.
  • 136 lb direct pull magnet mount. 7 times stronger than anything else.
  • Magnet will not crack under rough use as the exposed 20 lb ceramic cheap magnets.
  • 20 IR LED illumination provides a full-lighted view at night. No halo effect.
  • Included camera hood provides longer cleanliness of lens from rain or moisture and keeps out ambient light reflections.
  • Sony Super Had 1/3 inch CCD Image Sensors are used in all of our high performance cameras.
  • Touch screen, aluminum cased, heavy-duty true, commercial use, and high-resolution monitors.
  • Integrated video processing built into the monitors. No extra boxes with extra complexity and wiring.