Grain Loadout App Setup for Apple Devices

To install the camera app, first make sure that your device is connected to an Internet source such as mobile data or Wi-Fi. The access point for your camera(s) is most likely not connected to the Internet. 



Go to the App Store and search for "iprosecu." Tap on IProSecuV3 and push the FREE button twice to install the app. You may need to enter in your Apple password if prompted.



Push the home button and tap the settings icon on your device. 



Open the Wi-Fi settings and tap on Nupixx Wireless.



A checkmark should appear next to Nupixx Wireless after your device connects to the access point.



Push the home button and open the iProSecuV3 app you installed earlier.



Tap the "IP CAM" icon.



Go to the LAN Search.



A list of available cameras should appear. Tap on one to add it to the app.



Give the camera a name for your reference in the "Title" box. The IP settings should be left as is. The username and password should both be "admin." Set the resolution to High and push save. 



Repeat the previous two steps if you wish to add more cameras to the app (this can be done later). Otherwise, push the back button.



The camera(s) you added to the app should appear in a list here. Select the one you wish to view.



This is the camera viewing screen. Push back if you wish to view a different camera.



Rotate your device horizontally to obtain a larger view. You can also pinch and zoom with the screen rotated.