NVR Video Playback Tutorial

This page includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to playback and save video from a Nupixx NVR.  

With the Remote Live Viewer open, click on the playback button on the bottom as shown.

Once the playback window opens up, press the clock button.

Click on the arrow just to the right of the house icon.

Then click on your NVR.  If you have more than one listed, choose the NVR that is recording the camera you are trying to playback.

From here you can select which portion of video you would like to watch.  On the left side there is a calender where you can pick which day you would like to watch video from; each day that is highlighted red contains video data.  Once you have chosen your day, there should be red lines showing when the cameras recorded video, and you can click and drag to highlight over the red lines to pick a section of video to review.  Once you have picked your times, click the OK button on the bottom right. 

Then use the playback controls shown to navigate through the video you selected.

If you would like to save a section of video to your PC, go to the part of the video where you would like to begin saving and press the Cue In button.

Then play the video until you get to a place where you want to end your saved video and press the Cue Out button.

Now that you have selected a section of video to save, press the Export Video button.

Change the Export Form to AVI (Original Format) and click the folder icon.


In the file name box, give your video file a name.  It is recommended to put a date on it for easy reference later on. Then click the Save button.

Click OK.

You should still be able play the video file in Windows Media Player, so click Yes.  If you are unable to play the video after opening it in Windows Media Player, try changing the Export Format to AVI (Microsoft Video 1).

Exporting the video may take a long time, depending on how much you selected. The reason for this is because your computer has to render the video, which is very processor intensive.

Click the Yes button if you want to verify that the video file is working.

This is the end result.