Outdoor Sensors

Outdoor Security Sensors are used primarily for pre-intrusion or remote areas when you need to be notified of visitors or unauthorized activity. Examples of use are driveways, backyards, gas pumps, anhydrous tanks, construction sites, doorways, or remote farm and building locations. Our outdoor sensors are all IP or NEMA rated for weatherproof resistance. You will find that most sensors on the market do not carry any industry standard outdoor rating. Our outdoor products are truly rated for outdoor long-term use and very typical to "outlive" the cheap stuff by many years. 

In general, there are two types of outdoor wireless detection, passive infrared (PIR) (detects people and vehicles) and magnetic field monitoring (detects vehicles only)

Passive infrared (PIR) is the most popular type and generally is the least expensive. However, there is a great difference in the performance of this type of sensor especially in the challenging outdoor environment. Wind, trees, shrubs, strong light reflections, shadows, small animals, etc. can have an effect on the PIR sensor. The cheap motion lights that you can purchase at your local discount chain retailers are perfect examples of poor PIR performance.

PIR sensors are availble in a number of options, single beam, dual beam, quad beam, etc.

Single beam units are typically the lowest cost and have only one detection beam that will detect both people and vehicles (as well as moving brush, leaves, light reflections, etc).

Dual Beams units have multiple beams of detection and are more resistive to false triggering.This is because multiple beams must detect the same motion simultaneously. Dual Beam units detect both vehicles and people.

Our Xtralert Probe Sensors offer the highest level of immunity agains false triggering. Our Xtralert Probe System will only detect changes in the magnetic field, or simply put, vehicles driving into your driveway. The Xtralert Security Probe can be buried along side or under your driveway. Because our Xtralert Probe detects only moving metal, you have greatly reduced the false triggers associated with leaves falling, reflection from the sun, blowing dust, etc.