Perimeter Detection

Perimeter Intrusion Detection or PID is a quickly emerging application used to prevent the intrusion of non-authorized entry into residential, industrial, commercial, governmental, and military areas.

P1010152.JPGPerimeter Detection is your first line of defense. PID is an early warning system that alerts you of a perimeter violation BEFORE the unwanted guest is in your house/building. Having sound perimeter detection in place not only gives you the extra level of protection but it also decreases the chance that your "guest" will get any further.

The industry is saturated with complex, hard to install, expensive, and non-practical or economical solutions. Jansen Electronics has been in business since 1964 and during these years we have developed and are dedicated to providing simple, reliable and affordable security products. Our Xtralert Perimeter Detection sensors are designed to be set-up and installed by the consumer, without complication.

There have been some misconceptions regarding the "Alarm Monitoring Company" and the actual safety benefits they offer. "Alarm Monitoring Companies" provide their clients with an Intruder Detection System. An Intruder Detection system differs from a Perimeter Detection System in the sense that a Perimeter Detection System (PID) detects a burglar before he/she breaks in. The Alarm Monitoring Company's Intruder Alarm detects the burglar after he/she has already entered the location.


Assessing your security needs

The first step to planning your security measure is to assess your security needs. The security plan can be as simple as receiving notification that someone drove into your driveway or as high tech as Fort Knox.

There is one simple question to ask yourself:

How much time do I need to react to an intruder?
This is where the difference is between Perimeter Detection and Intruder Detection. The Intruder Detection System lets you know when someone is already in your home/building. The Perimeter Detection System lets you know that someone is on their way. Typically, intruders are not scared away from your Alarm Monitoring Companies alarm. They know they still have plenty of time to grab that big screen TV from the living room, the laptop from the computer desk and any other item that is in reach! These criminals know that getting in your location is the hardest part - the rest is easy!

Do you want to know when someone has already kicked in your door? Or do you want to be standing at the door waiting for them? That's the difference! Increasing your time to react puts YOU in control of the situation, not the criminal!


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