Security Sensors

Jansen Electronics is pleased to announce Xtralert, the newest technology to join our security sensor product line. Xtralert allows us to have a security sensor system for everyone!

Xtralert is perfect for:

  • Driveway Alarms
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Early Entry Warning Systems
  • Visitor Annunciation
  • Monitoring Unauthorized Entry Points

Our Xtralert systems now incorporate Digital Technology. The new Digital Technology provides our customers with professional grade security with out all the cost.

Outdoor Sensors
are used primarily for pre-intrusion or remote areas when you need to be notified of visitors or unauthorized activity. Examples of use are: driveways, backyards, gas pumps, anhydrous tanks, construction sites, doorways, or remote farm and building locations. Our outdoor sensors are all IP or NEMA rated for weatherproof resistance. You will find that most sensors on the market do not carry any industry standard outdoor rating. Our outdoor products are truly rated for outdoor long-term use and it is very typical that it will "outlive" the cheap stuff by many years.

In general, there are two types of outdoor wireless detection, passive infrared (PIR) (detects people and vehicles) and magnetic field monitoring (detects vehicles only).

Passive infrared (PIR) is the most popular type and generally is the least expensive. However, there is a great difference in the performance of this type of sensor especially in the challenging outdoor environment. Wind, trees, shrubs, strong light reflections, shadows, small animals, etc. can have an effect on the PIR sensor. The cheap motion lights that you can purchase at your local discount chain retailers are perfect examples of poor PIR performance.

Better performing PIR sensors are more stable and less likely to have this type of annoying behavior. In general, if you have lots of critters during the evening hours, our Dual Beam sensor will not detect any animal under 30 inches in height so cats, most dogs, raccoons, etc. will be ignored creating minimal nuisance triggers.

The Dual Beam will respond only to people and vehicles. Deer can create nuisance triggers for any PIR sensor and you must use sensor placement strategy if you need to detect people but have a lot of deer. The single type beam sensors are still overall, the best sellers and offer the best value of any outdoor detection system.

Note: All of our outdoor sensors feature behind the pole mounting so if a wanted or unwanted visitor approaches, they will not see the sensor hanging directly from the pole in plain sight. We are the true pioneers of this feature and continue to offer the latest tecnology to our customers. Wireless PIR sensor are very easy to relocate if your sensing area needs change, and take only a few minutes to install.


The home perimeter protection market is growing very rapidly. You can use a combination of single and dual beam outdoor sensors. The home perimeter protection system will provide you with an early warning alarm if you have intruders around your yard giving you the "edge" of valuable reaction time.  Multiple sensors are available for each system.  Each system has different zones.  These different zone sounds will provide an accurate location of where the activity has taken place. Example: You have one sensor monitoring your driveway, one at your front door, one across your back deck or patio door. If one is triggered, you will have a unique tone knowing the exact area that was violated. Why wait until they break into your home while you are sleeping? Seconds count!


The wireless Probe System features magnetic field monitoring, which means, only vehicles will trigger this type of unit. The main advantages of using the probe are when you live in a wooded area with a lot of deer or areas that have no view from your window to verify what triggered a passive infrared type. Our probe systems are very positive in detection and when triggered, you have a 99.9 percent chance that there is a vehicle where the probe has been placed. Probes are very hard to see and easy to install. Turn your sod up next to the driveway, slide the probe in the ground and bury you cable to the control box. Next mount the control box on the back side of a pole or tree about 8 to 10 feet high, and you are done. The probe will sense any vehicle within 14 ft of passing it. There also is adjustable sensitivity inside the weatherproof housing.