Security Tips

Individualized home security has grown from being a preventative precautionary measure to a necessity. On average, a burglar spends only 30 to 60 seconds attempting to gain entry into a home and about five minutes burglarizing it.

One out of 10 homes will be burglarized this year.

  • Country residences can be more at risk simply because of its more remote location and being farther from protective services, such as, police and fire departments, which increase emergency response time.
  • Residential security, whether occupants are at home or away, may save money on insurance.
  • Sheds and outbuildings should be secured.
  • Doors are the second highest point of entry for residential burglaries.
  • 90% of all intruders will choose not to enter a residence that has several lights.
  • Keep ladders and tools that could be used to gain access to your home locked up and out of sight.
  • Window air conditioners should be bolted to the wall to prevent them from being easily removed from the outside.
  • Daytime burglaries happen as often as nighttime burglaries.
  • The family home is already the target in two out of three burglaries.

Over 40% of home burglaries are termed by police as "no force" entries

  • Secure gas pumps, gas tanks, storage bins, and grain elevators.
  • Trim tree limbs to prevent access to upper floor windows or balconies.
  • Plant thorny shrubbery near windows to discourage loitering or hiding.
  • Strong perimeter security makes an intruder's job as hard as possible.
  • Evaluate your home's vulnerability to a break-in.

Wireless outdoor systems have the advantage of:

  • Low cost
  • Reliability
  • Ease of installation
  • Simple operation
  • Portability
  • Low maintenance

Investing even a little time and money in prevention now will:

  • Enhance security for an overall improved well-being.
  • Remove worry and promote a less stressful life.
  • Improve family safety and protection.

A great place to slow down an intruder and expose him is at the property line. Police tell us that one of the best steps to take in ensuring safety is the installation of a 24-hour wireless electronic security system. Jansen Electronics will gladly assist you in selecting the amount of security you need as well as the best way to protect your property and investments.