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Barb J. has to say:
Thanks, Ron! I love the system and the wireless! I tell everyone what a slick system(s) they are! (Barb purchases security cameras, dvr and our Textralert)

B.N. has to say:
Received the sales email for perimeter detection.  I purchased perimeter detection from Jansen two years ago.  Never had to replaced the batteries.  Stopped 3 crimes in progress to date.       Broke the case of teens stealing items from our upscale community with the police arresting several of the thugs.  As you can understand I am very happy with my perimeter detection wireless units.  Crime in my neighborhood is zero.  When the thugs do come around I will be responding.  One other incident happened last month when 5 boys tried to TP (toilet paper) our front trees at 3:00 AM on a Friday night.  The alarm chimes woke me up.  After chasing the boys all night and running the shoes off 2 of them around our neighborhood, the five TPer's will likely never step foot on my property again. All five apologized. I really do not understand why everyone does not own a perimeter detection system. I would rather catch the thugs in my yard than in my house. If I had to choose between our home alarm system and the perimeter alarm. The perimeter alarm wins hands down. (BN purchased a 1000V which is no longer available - please see the updated version 2000V)  

E.Y. has to say:
I appreciate the helpful lady I spoke to on the phone. She is an asset to your company!! Hopefully, a woodpecker will not destroy my new sensor when I receive it.