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Solar Powered Perimeter System

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Introducing our first solar powered perimeter system:

The Xtralert Motion Activated Solar Powered Perimeter System has a wireless range from sensor to receiver of over 1000 feet (ideal conditions), making it one of our longest perimeter detection systems ever.  This system is great for large farms, and remote areas where most perimeter systems wouldn't be able to cover the distance. The beam on the Solar Powered Sensor has a 300 ft range from sensor to sensor, making it perfect for monitoring large areas.  Sensors do need line of sight to each other for proper transmission of signal.  With our three beam technology we have virtually eliminated the opportunities for false triggers.  The beam is very focused and needs a positive break to trigger, so sun, wind, shadows, and small animals triggering your perimeter or driveway alarm are a thing of the past!  Beams must be broken for 1 second to be a true trigger.  Pet immunity sensing allows for your pet to go through the beam without triggering an alarm, no late night critters triggering your Solar Powered Perimeter System! 

The Xtralert Motion Activated Solar Powered Perimeter System will never need a battery change.  The solar powered sensors are charged by the sunlight so you never have to worry about dead batteries.  

The receiver has 4 zones (chimes) so additional sensors can be added at anytime and there will be a different chime for each sensor if desired.  Always know which sensor was triggered by having different chimes at different locations.  One set of sensors at the end of your driveway with one chime and another set of sensors closer to your home with a different chime will always let you know when vistitors have arrived.

The receiver has 4 relay outputs to trigger accessories such as lights and sirens for a pre-set amount of time.

This system can be used as an entire perimeter detection unit as the receiver is able to accomadate 32 pairs of sensors to each of the 4 zones.

Mounting brackets and screws are included with your order.

The Motion Activated Solar Powered Perimeter System is completly coded and ready for use.  Upon arrival of your system simply lay the sensors in direct sunlight for a day to get a full charge, test inside your home, and then you are ready to mount your sensors.


This video shows Solar Powered Driveway Sensors.  Perimeter Sensors are used the same way. 


Listen to all 4 zone chimes below.

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Product Reviews

  1. Verry Happy

    Posted by Scott Matthews, Mission, Texas on 29th Jan 2013

    I just wanted to let you know that the solar powered perimeter unit I bought is GREAT! I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the area I had to cover. It was not hard to set up and it does help to have 2 people but it was not hard at all. My house is 300 feet from the street and so the indoor receiver is about 250 feet away from the transmitter. It has yet to “false alarm” even in our very recent windy days and it is discreetly disguised by some plants. I’ve told several friends about it and I’m sure there will be more units sold because of mine. AND just as important, every phone call I made to discuss my need and choice of units was met by a very helpful and pleasant person. Thanks and I’ll be in touch for more “stuff” as I need it.

  2. Long range, Wireless, and Solar!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Oct 2012

    This product is exactly what we needed on our expansive mountain property. This product performs as advertised and then some.

    Such a clean and simple set-up, the only challenge on the set-up was shooting our pocket laser across to where the second sensor will be, to transfer our level point so that the two laser sensors lined up with each other.

    There was some limitations to how/where we set up our sensors given each location is different. But we made two locations of concern more secure with Xtralert and can sleep better at night knowing they work. The first pair of sensors we set up is located 1000' (.2 mi.) from the receiver, down the mountain through some oak trees. The second pair is even further, 1500' (.3 mi.) up the mountain from the receiver! Besides the oak trees it's fairly straight line of sight so they work spot on!

    We weren't sure how these would work for our type of terrain but we are very happy to have found a great SOLAR solution with Xtralert. I did get a false alert from a bird (only thing I can think of that could of set it off), but this was in the morning and the receiver wasn't shut off yet. We only use the system at night so this isn't a concern. All in all, very satisfied with the product and the customer service is excellent! Thank you!