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Xtralert Wireless Home Security System

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Product Description

Xtralert introduces the latest in Home Security Systems.  The Xtralert Home Security System is a wireless, self monitoring Security System that offers protection for an affordable price!

This kit includes:  

*  Mountable Talking Control Panel with 12 V DC Power Supply

*  3 Wireless Door/Window Sensors with lithium batteries

*  2 Remote Keyfobs with batteries

*  1 Wireless Motion Activated Sensor with lithium batteries and K-9 immunity

*  Telephone Wire to connect the Control Panel to the telephone jack

The Xtralert Wireless Home Security System has NO MONTHLY FEES, NO CONTRACTS, NO INSTALLATION and NO FALSE ALARM FEES making it one of the most popular security systems we offer. 

Do-It-Yourself Installation and Self Monitoring eliminates the high cost of owning a home security system.  This easy to use system offers piece of mind without all of the fees typically associated with home security systems.  The Xtralert Wireless Home Security System Accessories can be added to your system at any time.


The Xtralert Wireless Home Security System features:

Emergency Phone Dialer:  The Control Panel is connected to a land line.  In the event your alarm system is triggered, an alarm will sound and your pre-loaded phone numbers begin to receive a recorded message alerting them to the situation.  The Control Panel holds up to 4 phone numbers, and begins dialing numbers immediatley.  Phone numbers are tried in the order they are programmed.  If the first phone number dialed doesn't acknowledge the call, the next phone number is tried.  The Control Panel will attempt each number up to 4 times or as many calls that can be made in a 45 second time period.  The phone call made by the control panel must be acknowledged, once this is done, the control panel ceases dialing to the other programmed phone numbers. 

Battery Back-Up:  The Xtralert Wireless Home Security System has a battery back up feature.  If your home loses power you are still protected from intruders.  The battery back-up will last for 4 hours, no additional charging is needed.

Multiple Arming Modes:  The Xtralert Wireless Home Security System has several arming modes:  AWAY (All sensors are armed), HOME (Only Door/Window sensors are armed, so you are free to move around your home or business but still have your perimeter protected), HOME INSTANT and AWAY INSTANT (bypasses any delay that may be programmed), and LATCHKEY (Latchkey mode is a special arming mode in which designated users will trigger a latchkey message to be sent via phone when they disarm the system)

Remote Access:  Arm/Disarm or receive status updates from a remote telephone.

Electrical Device Control:  With your Xtralert Wireless Home Security System you can program lights and other electrical devices in conjunction with your alarm system.  Optional X-10 modules must be used to control devices, and can be added at any time.

Battery Supervision:  When the batteries in your sensor are getting low the sensor will send a message to the Control Panel to alert you to which "zone" or sensors battery needs to be replaced. 

Event Log:  The Control Panel will log up to 100 events that occur.  Using the LCD screen see which sensor or "zone" was triggered and when.  The LCD screen also will alert you to any "trouble" with the system.  Low batteries, or disconnected phone lines will appear as a trouble event.  Once the "trouble" has been fixed the trouble message and trouble light disappear.

User Codes:  Up to 8 user codes can be programmed into the Xtralert Wireless Home Security System.  Each code is 4 digits long, and can be changed or deleted at any time.  A special duress code is pre-programmed into the control panel for cases of emergency, the duress code cannot be changed or used as a normal user code.

Personal Specification Programming:  The Xtralert Wireless Home Security System is programmed to your specifications.  Once your order is received, you will get a call from our customer service department to get your personal options programmed.  Such options include: entry and exit delays for all or certain sensors, amount of time the alarm will siren, sensor or "zone" names. modes allowed, phone numbers to be dialed in an alarm trigger, number of dialing attempts, and how alarm triggers are acknowledged.  For security purposes the user codes are programmed by the user.

The Xtralert Wireless Home Security System has all the advantages and options that are needed to protect your family and your property, while being an easy to use, reliable system. 

If you would like any additional details on this remarkable system feel free to call our store at (815) 232-3093. 

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Product Reviews

  1. One time fee only!

    Posted by Saving Money on 14th Aug 2012

    This alarm system is great. I don't have to pay some company to call me if my alarm goes off or worse yet call the police. I like not having to pay a monthly fee and that if I forget and the alarm goes off it doesn't matter because it calls my cell phone. The girl who set it up did a good job, I even had her program it the way I want it not just a factory setting. I called her and we changed a sensor setting right over the phone! Good System! Just buy it and you don't have to worry about any extra charges.

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