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Jansen Electronics is the leading supplier of quality security systems. We specialize in the technologies necessary to protect your home, family and business. Our inventory includes security cameras, driveway alarms, perimeter security systems, agricultural camera systems and more. Each of our security system products are based on the latest, proven technology. While extremely effective, our systems are unobtrusive, easy to use and very affordable. An effective security system pays for itself as a deterrent and through the peace of mind it offers.

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience with our security systems and are dedicated to helping customers implement the necessary measures to protect their homes and businesses. We stand by our products and our customers. All of our security cameras, driveway alarms and home security system components are guaranteed. And our staff is always eager to answer any of your questions and provide help whenever you need it.

Jansen Electronics strives to remain the leader in home security systems. From XTRALERT Driveway Alarms, including Perimeter Detection to NUPIXX Security Cameras to XTRALERT LED FLood Lighting and more. Jansen Electronics stocks and ships the best in security products. Our quality reputation has been earned through providing high quality yet affordable security solutions and then standing by our customers. Feel free to contact us at 815-232-3093

Security Sensors/Driveway Alarms

Indoor and Outdoor XTRALERT sensors provide an alert whenever there is a breach by a moving person or vehicle. These systems are designed for monitoring differing beam patterns, including wide or narrow long beams. Versatile and very effective, these XTRALERT detection systems are based on passive infrared technology. PIR detection systems are easy to use, effortless to maintain and very reliable.

Agricultural Cameras

NUPIXX agricultural wired cameras enhance safety and security in any and every ag environment. From closely monitoring machinery such as augers, seeders and grain dryers, to keeping a careful watch on the inside of a moving horse trailer, we have just the right solution. A NUPIXX camera system provides that needed measure to make sure your valuable assets are safe. Our NUPIXX systems are rugged and weatherproof for long durability.  With so many choices of cameras and monitors, we'll have the right system for you!

Security Cameras

NUPIXX security cameras provide an excellent means of safeguarding your home or business. A NUPIXX security camera can allow for the viewing of possible intrusions at a safe distance. A security camera system provides a wide field of view and can also be used to record events. These systems have great flexibility and are perfect for uses such as business security, law enforcement applications, commercial manufacturing, home security... anywhere an additional eye is needed.

NUPIXX offers a line of law enforcement cameras that are specifically tailored to serve the needs of the men and women who protect and serve us every day. Our line of law enforcement cameras and products are carefully designed and engineered to meet the high standards required by law enforcement. Our systems are flexible, easy to set up and very effective.  Contact us to review your needs and see what options are available!

Perimeter Detection

An XTRALERT security system is based on a variety of different products and technologies. An effective security system is based on understanding the parameters and layout of the property. Factors, such as size, visible and non-visible areas and more are considered when implementing perimeter security measures. At Jansen Electronics, we understand security and employ only the best, proven technologies, including the newest options.  We work hard for our customers. It is with your safety in mind that we select the products that we carry.




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